Two beauties

Now sharing with you two really neat lofts. In the first home the patchwork wall treatment is really a piece of art, and I love it. Definitely going to try this one. Even though the apartment has quite a bit of colour nothing there feels too much. The second loft has a super cool suspended staircase. As the space is relatively small the staircase really fits in great. Only thing missing is some clever storage space. There is definitely no room for all my clothes. haha 😀

cozy-loft-design-600x450welcoming-loft-design-600x799metal-loft-chairpatchwork-wall-treatmentwarm-loft-designstunning-red-sofaconcrete-loft-design convertible-loft-sofa dark-cozy-loft-design industrial-loft-design     wood-panel-loft-design

For more click here.

With love and gratitude,



The Beautiful home of Patrick Bradley

Good day everybody!

Today I decided to share with you one of my favourite architectures. I’m a keen fan of Grand Designs (it’s a UK’s architectural design show with Kevin McCloud) and there I saw my future home, sort of. Surely there would be modifications, but over all I really loved what I saw. I have seen this one episode for now I think thousands of times and I’m quite sure I could draw every detail by heart. I must be really obsessed… 😀

It’s a young architect Patrick Bradley’s creation and home, made out of sea containers (that’s some smart upcycling).

3-AM 4-AM 6-AM 7-AM 11-AM 14-AM 15-AM 17-AM 18-AM

For more pictures visit his website here.

If you are interested how it all went down, here is the full episode.. So you could also get obsessed, haha 😀

Hope the design made you happy and inspired you.

With love and gratitude,


Gift wrapping inspiration

Hello peeps!

Today has been a bit shocking for me.  Everything went great, even the sun came out, until my cat Loora got really bad sick. I felt like my heart is going to drop out. Fortunately it was nothing major and we got the meds to treat her. And most importantly Loora seems really happy and energetic as usual, so I hope she is not in lot of pain.

After all that shock and worring I decided some cheering up is in order. So finding gift wrapping inspiration would be just the right thing to do. 🙂

Here are some of my favourites..

Photo 09.11.14 14 59.39colourfulsheeppaper1-400x535

Berry Red has really cute collection of Christmas things. I especially love the snowy sheep wrapping paper! Its super cute and has lots of personality.






Pixel wave how-to here

Tiny Gift Boxes with We R Memory Keepers Envelope Punch Board at #wermemorykeepers #spon_thumb[2]

The box how-to here


Think outside of the box! Maybe inside a jar.. 😀

gifts-packs_300Photo 26.11.14 17 15.53

This is just a cute bag I found at the store. 🙂

Hope you got some new inspiration and enjoyed the post!

With love and gratitude,


One Lovely Blog Award


It has been long since my last post but I have great news! I’m very grateful and humbled to be awarded with the “One Lovely Blog” award by the lovely Teresa Churtcher, the Home and Spirit blogger. As I just started blogging myself it is truly a wonderful news and I really appreciate it! So thank you thank you thank you!  I must be doing something right, haha 😀

Here are rules for accepting the award:

  • Thank the person who nominated you for the award.
  • Add the One Lovely Blog logo to your post.
  • Share 7 facts/or things about yourself
  • Nominate up to 15 bloggers you admire and inform the nominees by commenting on their blog.

So, 7 facts about me.. it isn’t that easy as you might think 😀

  1. I’m from Estonia. At first I thought I wasn’t going to share that because I consider myself a citizen of the world. But it is interesting to know where people are from.  🙂 (as English is not my first language, feel free to correct me 🙂 )
  2. I believe that you should always do the things that make you happy or serve you in any other good way.
  3. I don’t do the things that others or the society expects me to, I try to follow my gut and what feels right for me.
  4. I’m not religious traditionally (Estonia is the most Atheistic country in the Europe, haha :D) but I do believe. I believe in gratitude, in good energies, in kindness, in myself, living in harmony with the Universe and so on.
  5. I really like food!
  6. I am a huge animal lover, especially cats (big, small, all kinds!!!)
  7. And I have the greatest best friend! She is so amazing and I miss her so much, as she is in New York studying right now. She is my person and I feel lucky to say that. 🙂

And the blogs I like:

Again I’m very grateful for the award and hope you guys enjoy the blogs I’ve shared with you. Obviously they are interior design blogs… haha 😀 (except one)

With love and gratitude,


Crazy copper crazy

Hi guys!

Happy Thanksgiving! We don’t celebrate it in my country but I can still send to all the American readers the good wishes. 🙂 And I think it doesn’t hurt us here over the big pond (the Atlantic Ocean) also to be grateful. It’s a wonderful feeling, trust me and try it! 😉 As the days get shorter I really need the warm and fuzzy feeling of gratitude to survive the dark winter period.

But now let’s talk about interiors. I have a new crush!! It’s copper !!  It just adds such a nice touch to your home or any other interior. And it’s naturally antimicrobial therefore perfect for kitchens and bathrooms. Also with copper you have lots of different finish possibilities (which is super cool!). So it suits in a contemporary setting and in a traditional one. Luckily for me, right now copper is IN and you can have almost anything in copper.

So here are some copper inspiration pics, enjoy! 🙂


This super beautiful sink is by KALLISTA


Copper goes great with blue, black and darker colours but it also very well compliments white and pastel interiors.


If you are or you have a handy friend, he/she/you can make the table out of wood and then you can spray paint it and save a lot of money by doing that. 😉

6969f148c4170e857242c358ff30deb7 cd50ad66722454ba87fb81464ad460af Clipboard01

House Doctor has a really great selection of copper accessories. Also it’s one of my favourite places to look for inspiration.


These bathroom accessories  are a must have for any copper lover (me!me!me!)
e5fea136e5bc8a49dbe9e791d71ae01f e8b995f97cd6dbec9391ccf7b017b5451bccc1cd1a61b40da3689646a0de9affCopperIsland_DHLibertyLux_AngledViewCopperIsland_DHLibertyLux_Units

The copper kitchen island is from Design Hous Liberty

Photo 30.06.14 1 38.35

The great thing is you need only a little touch of copper in your home to make your interior look more expensive and polished.

Hope you got enough copper in your day now!

With love and gratitude,


Christmas inspiration vol 2

Good Tuesday everybody!

Here is some more Christmas decorating inspiration pictures. Sadly I haven’t got with my Christmas DIY’s too far this week. Instead I decided to redo my cabinet in the living room. I painted it, surprise surprise….black. Ok, it’s really dark grey. 😀 Some might think now I’m a really dark person, painting everything black, but I promise I’m not 😀 I just love the combination of white and black (and few other colours). Soon I will share the before and after pictures.


In the meantime, some Christmas inspiration pictures. 🙂 Even though I talked about going overboard this year with the decorations, I have rather simple and minimal taste. I don’t really like super blingy (?) and shiny decorations and too much of them. So more of a Scandinavian look is what I aim for.


02b66f73e5e977de152db4dc1539224c     08fa7d15dcf166a19d674239248738d9   fa372931d2e8b7870f2d2fbe88984aee56a24e235e9e2495f9484f6837d24c09  9735dbd1a65811c09aaafbd1ccf4061bd76dd7eacafeab49a170a6a9e19c9410

Photo 09.11.14 14 18.55

Paper wreaths are this year’s must! So get creative 🙂  Photo 09.11.14 14 19.25Photo 09.11.14 14 19.36 Photo 09.11.14 14 57.17 Photo 99.11.14 14 59.39 wreth


The peacock wreath is from Tesco. This one can really give some cool edge to your usual Christmas decorating (or any decorating 😉 ). And the colours are just perfect!

Hope you enjoyed the pictures and got some inspiration.


With love and gratitude,


Awesome DIY !

Hey peeps!

Real quick post here. I found this super awsome DIY to make so I’m hurrying off to the store to buy loads of plastic cups. But before I do that I thought I’d also share this super cool idea with you guys so you could also get as excited as I am. 😀

The video is from Robeson DIY youtube channel, they have lots of other cool DIYs also, like the starburst mirror and stick Christmas tree which are my favourites right now.





So now OFF TO THE STORE ! ! ! 😀

Let’s hope this time my lovely cats don’t feel the urge to destroy my work…


With love and gratitude,


Christmas decoration DIY

Helloo-heloo great people!

As promised new Christmas post has arrived! And it’s snowing outside! So talking about Christmas doesn’t feel weird anymore (to be totally honest, the snow has already melted again, but still, it was snowing earlier) !!! 😀  Today I’m going to share some of the DIY Christmas decoration videos I’ve found and tried. Although I’m veeeeery tempted to buy all the decorations because it would just be so much easier, but who said everything is supposed to be easy??? 😀 No really, it’s super fun to make them, I promise. 🙂

The first one is Rebecca Robeson’s video of how she makes a super beautiful and big paper wreath. She got the idea from Jenna DeAngeles, so I posted her video too because I find them both very helpful. Both women have lots of other cool videos also so I encourage you to check them out… might get some inspiration 😉



Another cool decoration I tried was the 3D paper star. This was super super easy! In the video that I’m sharing with you the star is too much of everything for my taste (the colour, the dots, the glitter etc), I would make just one-coloured stars like matte black or copper with no extras, I have more minimalist taste. But she explains the making of the star quite good.



And last DIY is also awesome! A 3D paper snowflake. After that one I felt like a total pro 😀 The how-to  is here.




So, as I said above I’ve tried all of these and I’d really like to share my creations with you. But I also have two lovely cats, oh and they just love to play with everything they are not supposed to…Don’t get me wrong, I love my cats and they are madly cute but maybe that’s the problem. I’m soft on them. Anyways, after I had finished the decorations the night before, the next morning I woke up to discover that my two cats had destroyed my hard work (lovely cats, right?).

Here’s proof


For the wreath I used old magazines, I planned to spray paint it black, white and blue, before it got ripped apart.


mässu pahandus

mässu pahandus 2

loora pahandus loora pahandus 2

I can’t stay mad at them for too long and in the end it was a lot of fun making the decorations. 🙂 now I can make them  even better.

Next time maybe some DIY Christmas presents..or well see..

With love and gratitude,


Christmas edition vol 1

“All the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful..”. Yeah! Christmas is coming! Though it’s not snowing yet, I’m already dreaming of a white Christmas :D.
This year I’ve decided to mix it up a bit. We’re going to have two Christmases. First one is with our friends at our place, where we’ll have more of an upbeat Christmas, young adult style, trying to imitate Santa and we promised that everyone has to learn a song to sing for Father Christmas. This is my favourite part because I love singing 😀 I might not be super great at it but I still love it (and I think I’m not extremely horrifically deafeningly bad at it also 😀 ) Plus Christmas at our place gives me an opportunity to go overboard with decorating this year! ! !
The second Christmas is the traditional one with our family at my parents house with traditional Christmas cooking and fun stuff like that. Actually I can’t wait for this one either. My mom always has excellent decorating ideas and we can do a great deal of it because the house is a lot bigger than my tiny apartment.

As this year is going to be more decorating than usual I thought I’d
make the decorations myself hoping to save some money, so in addition to inspiring Christmas pictures there will be DIY ideas. And of course there will be more than one post about Christmas decorating. 🙂
















I hope you got enough inspiration for now. 🙂

Have you already chosen your this years Christmas colours? Mine’s are white, black, blue and copper.


With love and gratitude,